Payment terms and conditions for online booking

Terms and conditions
Reservation and confirmation
A reservation is binding  when it has been confirmed with a booking number.
A confirmation will be shown online and also sent to the e-mail you stated  in the booking. It is your responsibility to check that the booking information is correct. If something is wrong or if you want to make a change you have to contact Hestraviken as soon as possible by phone +46 (0)370 336800 or by e-mail
Arrival and departure
The hotel room is at your disposal from 3 pm at the latest on the date of arrival. You are required to check-out from your room by 11 am at the latest on the day of departure. If you intend to arrive later 6 pm then you must inform the hotel in advance.
Cancellations and failure to arrive 
The following regulations apply:
For bed & breakfast the cancellation is  to be made by at the latest on the day before agreed arrival. If you fail to arrive whiteout having cancelled, or cancel later than the day before, you must pay for one night.

Regular  cancellation rule for other products/packages: Cancellations be made free of charge at least 7 days prior to arrival. The fee for later cancellation is 85% of the price according to confirmation.
Producuts marked "Non refundable" you must pay 100% of the total price for the reservation if you cancel or fail to arrive without having cancelled or change your reservation.     
When you pay in advance using a debit or creditcard, there is often an insurance included in the card to cover expenses in case of cancellation. Please check the terms of your card you pay with.  
Earlier departure
If you have made a reservation for a definite time period, but depart before the end of the period, you are required to pay  the same amount as for a late cancellation. In addition to the price for the time you stayed at the hotel, you are required to pay for an additional night.
Obligations of the hotel
If the hotel cannot offer you a room according to agreement, you have the right, at no additional cost, to a room of equal or better quality at the same hotel or at another hotel of equivalent quality.
Your own wishes
All rooms are non-smoking. In case of violation of non-smoking regulations, the hotel has the right to charge the guest for the cost of washing textiles, etc
If you wish to bring a pet it is possible in two of our rooms. You must make a request to us before booking to know if there are rooms available for pets. 
If you have special food requirements (vegetarian, gluten free, etc), please inform the hotel when making reservations.
All prices and products for children include an extra bed with breakfast for children. If there are extra items included, in the prices for children, they are specified.
The total amount for the online reservation will be charged to your credit card when you make the reservation. If you cancel the room and/or disregard the cancellation deadline, the hotel has the right to retain the advanced payment. You have to contact us for possible return payment.